Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Beautiful Wedding: My Nephew Got Married!

It has been a busy last two weeks for us around here at the Fuentes home. One of the things that kept us busy was that my nephew got married. He is the first son to get married on my husband's sister side so it was really exciting to see them tie the knot!

I am really proud of my nephew, he  is a very godly young man and seeks to please the Lord in all that he does. He is such a blessing and it is an encouragement to see the younger generation following the Lord. He was so happy to be marrying the love of his life and I am so glad that he is starting a new chapter and I am praying the Lord blesses them immensely.

 Another nephew of mine carry a "Here come the Bride" sign as he walked down the aisle. I wish that we had taken our camera but we were in a rush to get out the door and no one grabbed it. You know how that can be in a big family that is trying to get somewhere one time! So these are mostly pictures from our phones!

This was the beautiful wedding cake, we were seated pretty much right in front of it and the bridal party. I am a big fan of flowers on cakes. I love roses, peonies, and every other type of flower you can think of.

If you look closely above you will see that the spotlight under the cake stand was a heart shape. After they cut the cake and had the dance you could see it more clearly especially if you look at the top picture in this post.

This was their wedding favor that was put on all the tables for us to take home. They chose a chocolate Hersey's bar wrapped with a picture from their engagement photo shoot.  Below you can see what was written on the back--what a great and simple idea!

"I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is Mine"--Song of Soloman 6:3

Isn't that sweet? Yes, these are definitely the ingredients to a successful marriage! Love, Respect, Honesty, Trust, Loyalty, Faith--all 100%.  I'll take these types of servings any day!

Since I don't usually share many pictures of me on the blog, I thought I would share a few this time around. Here I am above with my oldest son Stephen and Bella (I think she was a little anxious with all the people there).

Here is one of Steve and I. My daughter curled my hair that day so that I would look different, I usually don't wear it down either I usually always have it up in a Lilla Rose clip! I don't really like having hair in my face, can anyone relate?

(Psst--by the way, they are having a special sale for Mother's day that I promise to share at the end of this post. )

These are all my older children sitting at the table waiting for the fun to begin! My husband had the baby so she is not in this one.

Here I am with Joshua and the twins, Josiah, and Christian (yes, I know, they don't look anything alike--but I promise they really are twins!).

The night was tons of fun with lots dancing and catching up with old friends and family. My nephew took his new bride to Hawaii for their honeymoon and we were so glad to share in a small part of it all!

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of pictures!

Oh yes, and I did promise to share the Lilla Rose Mother's Day sale I mentioned above. It has been going on the last two days but since I have been on the go and have not been able to share it at all and glad things are slowing down so I get a chance to! Lilla Rose released two NEW styles and a new style to their already awesome hairbands! See all the goodness below:

And the new clips that were released early! Aren't they gorgeous?

It is called Grace:

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Have a blessed day!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

10 Ways to Become a More Thrifty & Wise Homemaker!

I remember growing up in elementary school and taking a home economics class. I remember walking into that class and being so excited about the new projects we were working on every week and how different the class was from the others. I remember my teacher was sweet, soft spoken and patient and seemed to actually like teaching us. The classroom was a one that was filled with happiness because the school books and pencils were banished and we were finally able to do something creative with our hands.

We did many projects in that class from  learning how to boil water to sewing letter pillows in the shape of letters to spell our names. It was a good experience and one that helped empower me to try new things out as I became an adult. My classmates and I really looked forward to this class and when the semester was over we were sad to see it go.

Now as an adult I look back and think of how I use many of the skills I learned in that class on a daily basis--however, there is one thing  that I wish that they would have taught more of ---how to be thrifty and handle money well.


The average homemaker will have thousands of dollars to deal with on an annual basis that will go through her hands. She will need to be wise and make good financial decisions on how she spends that money for her family and how they will eat, be clothed, for the home, education, transportation, recretion, and more.

She has the monumental responsibility of try to make a dollar stretch--two times, three times more than the average person because of all the demands on her budget and sometimes it might feel like it is humanly  impossible. Sometimes she feels like she is always straining to make ends meet by helping to stretch her husband's income or maybe by helping out with some extra side income that she brings in.

But there are many ways to learn to become more thrifty and to relieve the tension on your budget. So today we are sharing ten ways to become a more thrifty homemaker.


1. Pray and search the Scriptures--Always ask God for wisdom and He will help you. This should be the first thing that you do with any problem or situation because He is Lord of all and knows your needs. Then after you do that take time to learn what the Bible teaches about money and start to understand the basic principals of what you need to know in handling it.

2. Assess your situation- and zero in on the problem to figure out where you need the most help in your homemaking and attack it. Learn all that you can in that area and become equipped to better handle it financially.

3. Read Dave Ramsey- He has helped many people all around the world who are in debt and has showed them a game plan of how to get it out and to stay out for good. He is popular for his title, The Total Money Makeover.

4. Learn to cook from scratch.  Not only is it more economical but it is also more healthier for you. You can find some great cookbooks here for just 30 cents a piece.

5. Learn how to shop more frugally for groceries. Have you heard of Grocery University? It is an audio course that teaches you how to save money using coupons but there is much more included that will help you with your shopping.

6. Save money by keeping your family healthy by learning how to meal plan and have a healthy family (check out The Healthy Home and Happy Mom, Healthy Family, Meal Planning, & Cookbook.)

7. Spend less time out shopping. I find the more we are out "window shopping" or out and about the likelihood of us spending more increases. Find other things to do with your family that will benefit them. We have currently begun exercising more as a family and have joined our local YMCA.

8. Make a list and stick with the list. If you go out shopping it is wise to have a list to keep you focused. It is so easy to be tempted in the store to buy things that you don't need there and to start adding things to the cart you wouldn't have otherwise. Make make sure to eat before going grocery shopping or you might end up buying more out of hunger.

9. Be determined to stay on budget and learn to save and put money aside- You can make a budget but if you don't follow it it will be a flop. Learn to be determined to sticking to what you can afford and be sure to put some aside for a rainy day.

10. Know the difference between needs and wants. This one is so important and can help you as you navigate wisely as a homemaker especially if you have children. Children can sidetrack us since they sometimes seem to want to buy every toy or new gadget under the sun, but we need to be firm in our resolve and know when to say no.

And finally I would like to add a bonus tip! If you need help in homemaking might I suggest The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? It is my favorite bundle of the year of $1200+ value for and now it is 97% off and just $29.97.  That is a thrifty price for 100 resources that will help you in your homemaking, cooking, mothering, parenting, essential oils, homeschooling, marriage and more!


I mentioned Grocery University, Happy Mom, The Healthy Home above--The Healthy home is a nearly $100 value!  You could get that and 98 more resources plus free bonuses for for a mere fraction of the cost. The cookbooks are even included!


There are only a few more days to get this great sale so be sure to snatch it up before it is gone! I have so many people ask me about it when it is too late and would hate to see any of our readers miss this one.

I have been wading through mine and I can't believe the ladies who put this together have done an awesome job this time around-- what a treasure trove of resources!
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I hope you have a blessed day!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Facebook Giveaway Party!!!

We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting a Facebook Giveaway Party tomorrow!

Please join us at 1pm CST on our Facebook fanpage!

We will be giving away TONS of awesome prizes

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Be sure to spread the word!

Help for the Tired Homeschooling Mom: Large Family Homeschooling Book Review

 Right around now is when mom homeschooling moms are like "Is the year done yet?"

We are tired, we are ready to get this thing over with, and we anxiously wait for...summer.

So around this time, when the semester is almost over, where we have actually survived the annual winter cabin fever, and now making it through the days of antsy children who want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, we need to stay the track, end strong,  and finish out the year. 

What we really need is a good shot in the arm to rejuvenate us to make it through this short period before school is finished.

Can I get an amen?

What I like  do around this time for a quick pick me up is grab a good, inspirational read to help me get refocused and just remind me that there are others out there going at this just like I am.

I am encouraged because I just finished reading Large Family Homeschooling  last night.

But don't be fooled by the title, this book is not just for large families, it has SO much helpful information that any homeschooling mom will be able to glean much from this ebook and actually go away understanding how to change her homeschooling for the better.

This book was refreshing--I believe it was in the way that she was very thorough covering a myriad of topics from the practical logistics side of things, to lighting a fire, to keeping a home, making life easier, and just not putting too much pressure and expectations on yourself. I came away feeling blessed by her writing and I know that if I was, you will be too!

If there is one thing that all of us homeschooling moms need (besides Jesus), is encouragement. When we get to hear another mom's story of how she does it, even through trial and challenges, we go away feeling like we can actually do this homeschooling thing and that we are not failing at it.

Here is a quick excerpt:

"The days when I feel stretched thin, bogged down, and bent out of shape are usually the days when in an effort to control my environment, I lose sight of the things that truly matter.  God’s ways aren’t always my ways, but God is always right.

In order to have enough of me to go around, I have to let go of some of my expectations.  I have to let God lead.  I have to be content with his Light only shining on my very next step, rather than the entire path. "

Here are some of the topics that are covered in the book from her site:
*How to homeschool the hearts of your children.
*How to have enough of you to go around.
*How to keep your home clean and your homeschool organized.
*The best methods for homeschooling your growing family.
*Ideas for planning and record keeping.
*How to afford the large family homeschool.
*How to organize the large family homeschool
*How to handle babies and toddlers during school hours.
*How to homeschool through morning sickness and other difficult circumstances.
*How to tweak homeschooling methods to make them work for large families.

I also liked the fact that she covered topics that you don't usually see covered in homeschooling books and did it a real honest type of way that we can all relate to. There is so much good information here that you will definitely want to take your time going through it all.

You can find her book here or get it for just 30 cents now (wow) for a limited time through

which ends soon. Either way I hope you get it and are blessed by it! We homeschooling moms really need to stick together--we are doing a work for the Lord, and we need to pray for each other and lift each other up.

You will also be encouraged to know that the bundle includes additional homeschooling resources that you won't want to miss:

As well as other helpful homemaking resources:

I have been going through my own bundle and it is amazing---
chock full of goodness at a great price!

You can learn more HERE or get it right now HERE!

We hope you have a blessed homeschooling day!